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SHAPE vibratory tube conveyors are an ideal method of conveying bulk materials that tend to dust.Being totally enclosed,the material is fully protected and is conveyed without degradation or contamination.

These conveyors offer an economical solution to the handling of a wide variety of products including :

Pet Foods ,Beach Sand ,Plastics ,Seeds , Ferro Silicon,Slag,Carbon ,Alumina, Nickel Ore ,Lime ,Coal , Brickettes ,Char ,Foundry Sand ,Scrap Steel , Coke , Powdered Milk.

SHAPE Vibratory Tube Conveyors are available up to 7 metres in length.They can be connected for longer conveying distances by our special in-line flexible sleeve. They can be base mounted or suspended.

Construction is in carbon steel or stainless steel .Our “Vericon “ allows the conveying tube to be rotated in situations where abrasive materials are being handled.In addition,the inlet and outlet sections can be exchanged. For explosive application,our pneumatically operated versions can be employed.


Dust explosion prevention or protection may be required on systems handling dry powder or granular materials. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. check local industrial codes and policies or consult SHAPE.



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