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Mucon H Series Iris Valve

The ideal solution for IBC Discharge and Flow Control

The Series H Iris valve is able to offer the end user a choice of either a bolted or a quick release adaptor, so that they can be easily and quickly fitted to the bottom of any rigid IBC.

The Series H Iris valve offers the end user an economical, gentle and easy to operate discharge valve. Should the application require frequent washing of the IBC, the Series H Iris valve with the quick release option. This allows the Iris valve to be effortlessly removed from the IBC for cleaning in between product batches.

Where cross contamination could be an issue, the Series H has the ability to offer two different kinds of adaptor.

  1. The Plain adaptor allows the end user to include a simple polythene liner to the inside of the Iris valve. As and when the material being processed is changed, the liner can be quickly disposed of and replaced with another clean liner. This is a very simple and inexpensive way of ensuring that cross contamination is avoided.
  2. For materials that are more abrasive a grooved adaptor can be supplied with the Series H Iris valve to accommodate a robust liner.

The Mucon Iris valve is often used to control the discharge of powders and tablets. Its gentle opening and closing of the diaphragm acts to prevent tablet damage. This not only means that cleaning of the IBC is reduced to a minimum, but also product wastage is reduced.

The Iris valve has FDA approved contact parts.

The Series H also has an additional Transit Cover option. Transit covers can improve product safety and minimise moisture absorption while the IBC is in storage or transit.

The Series H valve has been on the market since 1992. Since then thousands have been supplied all over the world to IBC manufacturers and IBC end users. Customers include Bayer Pharmaceutical, Mc Neil Pharmaceutical, Merck and Novartis.

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