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Floveyor Pty Ltd are the inventors of the aero mechanical conveyor with over 40 years of experience and many thousands of installations world-wide.


The FLOVEYOR is a uniquely designed conveyor that 'fluidises' dry powders and granules to transport them across storage facilities, production processes etc at high speeds.

The FLOVEYOR is manufactured 'to order' in accordance with the customers specifications and delivered in modular, pre-assembled components ready for assembly and integration at the customers premises.

Installation, after sales service and spare parts are supplied by a network of authorised FLOVEYOR distributors who are powder & bulk solids specialists.

Over these web pages you can find out more about our products, applications and distributors.



Company History

The FLOVEYOR was invented by Robert Walker, a Perth consulting engineer. In the late 1950s he was called in to help design a factory and needed an inexpensive conveyor for peanuts. He couldn't find anything suitable on the market, so he set about devising a simple system himself. He made a prototype machine by gluing wooden discs onto a wire rope. It worked even better than he'd hoped. It had the marks of all good inventions: it was simple and solved a down-to-earth problem (transporting a difficult material).

He took out a patent, modified the design for powders and set up a trading company in partnership with his wife. The FLOVEYOR was first shown publicly at the Perth Royal Agriculture Show in 1961. Orders started to come in from farmers, where word soon got around that it was ideal for handling grains.

In 1964, the partnership was changed to an incorporated company, Production Machinery Co. Pty Ltd. The company has seen an impressive growth over forty years and on the 1st of July 2005, the company changed its name to Floveyor Pty Ltd.

FLOVEYORs are now sold worldwide through a network of distributors.


















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