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Model BBF60 Rotary Filling Machine

The SHAPE BBF60 Rotary can fill up to 60 FIBC's an hour (depending upon product characteristics and fill size) with an accuracy of +/- 0.25%. The system incorporates the patented Vibrating Table at the Filling Station which enables material to be densified whilst filling and so provide a  more stable and compact FIBC for handling & shipping.

The system only requires two (2) operators plus 2 or 3 Fork Lift Trucks to remove the FIBC's as they are filled.

With the speed of this system it means that the system can be run such that transportation can be loaded immediately and so reduce the need for high volumes of costly warehouse space.


Dust explosion prevention or protection may be required on systems handling dry powder or granular materials. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. check local industrial codes and policies or consult SHAPE.

DATA Sheet (Download PDF)

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