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EZ KLEEN In-Line Rotary Magnet.


SHAPE have developedthe patent protected EZ KLEEN IN-LINE ROTARY MAGNET to be used in any part of a process plant where protection against ferrous metal contamination is required.

The fundamental principle of the SHAPE In-Line Rotary Magnet is to trap particles of ferrous foreign body materials entrained in a stream of powder product, which is passing through the unit under gravity.  

The powder passes across an arrangement of rotating shrouded rare earth round bar magnets, which are mounted to a rotating plate, driven by an electric motor. The constant rotation of the magnet arrangement ensures that the powder does not block or ‘bridge’ through the unit.

To allow easy cleaning and removal of trapped ferrous material, the magnets are enclosed in a single-piece stainless steel ‘shroud’ arrangement. When the shroud is withdrawn from the magnet assembly, the magnetic field of the magnets is moved away from the ferrous particles, which remain on the outside of the shroud. That foreign body material will then fall away freely or can be wiped off the shroud.

The SHAPE design has the following benefits and unique design features:

  • The magnet and shroud assembly can be easily and speedily removed from the unit drive shaft by hand and without the use of tools. This is by achieved by means of a unique patented shaft locking arrangement.
  • By nature of design, separation of the magnet and shroud assembly can only be achieved after moving the entire assembly physically away from the unit, thus ensuring that foreign bodies cannot fall back into the product stream.

Dust explosion prevention or protection may be required on systems handling dry powder or granular materials. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. check local industrial codes and policies or consult SHAPE.




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