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SHAPE Boot Sanitizer Unit.


The SHAPE Boot Sanitizer is one of the most compact, self sufficient and effective boot sanitizing systems on the market.


Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, the units have been designed such that they are:


  • Totally Portable (no electrical or pneumatic connections required)
  • Very Easy To Use.
  • Easy to Clean& Maintain.



The unit is a‘soles-only’configuration, which will accept any boot configuration. The SHAPE Boot Sanitizer is ideal for placement at all entrances to production areas or as allergen control devices between processing operations.


The unit is activated when the user compresses the activation plunger with the heel of their boot / shoe. The sanitizing liquid is then sprayed from five spray nozzles to sanitize the sole of the boot / shoe.


The advantages of this system are:


  • Reduces Bacteria and Prevents Cross Contamination.
  • Simple Mechanical Activation.
  • Minimal Contact Surface Area to Boot / Shoe Ensuring Maximum Coverage.
  • No Requirement for Electrical or Pneumatic Connections.
  • Totally Portable.
  • Fully Enclosed System with Secondary Bund Tank to Collect Overspray & Debris.


Standard Specification:


  • Standard Unit incorporates the following component parts :
    • SHAPE Boot Sanitizer unit which includes:
      • Fully enclosed tank for sanitizing fluid.
      • Patented mechanical pump & valve assembly to provide a measured amount of sanitizing liquid for each cycle.
      • Five (5) spray nozzles.
      • Filling point
    • Bund Tank in to which the SHAPE Boot Sanitizer sits.
  • Material of Fabrication: 304 grade Stainless Steel & Chemically Resistant Engineering Plastic Compounds.
  • Average Delivery Quantity / Activation: 6 cc. (Larger volumes can achieved upon request).
  • Average Spray Area: 310mmx120mm above the activation plunger.
  • A minimum activation load of <5 kg is required on the activation plunger to propagate a full spray pattern to cover the complete sole of the shoe / boot to sanitized.


Dust explosion prevention or protection may be required on systems handling dry powder or granular materials. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. check local industrial codes and policies or consult SHAPE.



DATA Sheet ( Download PDF )
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