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COBRA 100 Manual Rip & Tip Unit.


The COBRA 100 Rip & Tip bag-opening unit from SHAPE provides a simple and cost effective method for the manual opening & discharging of 25 - 50Kg bags or sacks. It is the ideal choice for low to medium volume throughput.


The design concept provides a range that is not only compact in design but can also available with standard optional components to facilitate dust control and waste bag disposal.


The unit has the flexibility to handle a wide range of varying bag sizes containing powder or granular materials of a dusty nature within an enclosed system to minimise contamination of the surrounding atmosphere.


It can be attached to existing downstream process equipment or can be supplied with various types of ancillary equipment such as Screw or Aero-mechanical conveyors to allow transfer of the material after opening & discharge.


As standard practice all SHAPE equipment follows 'clean design' principles to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.


Units can be fabricated in either Carbon or Stainless Steel depending upon process and customer requirements.


Dust explosion prevention or protection may be required on systems handling dry powder or granular materials. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. check local industrial codes and policies or consult SHAPE.


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